Inspiring partnerships. Empowering people. Protecting Country.


Welcome to PROJECT E-O-N and a new generation of socially and environmentally responsible businesses serving Australian industry, Indigenous communities and the greater good.

Our group

The rapidly evolving PROJECT E-O-N currently comprises of 3 core business services.

Building Maintenance – Marawar

Marawar is local Aboriginal building services company which currently provides building & maintenance services across WA. At Marawar, there is a positive difference in everything we do, from customer interaction to project completion, from commitment to local communities to creating genuine partnerships.

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Security Services – Eon Protection

Supply Nation certified Eon Protection is a local Aboriginal security services business that has a very hands-on management team that has over 20 years’ experience in security, military and law enforcement.

We have new way of thinking when it comes to protecting people, assets and reputation.

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Energy Solutions – Boya Energy

Boya Energy is the first Aboriginal energy retailer to be established in Australia. We deliver associated electricity generation for small, medium and large businesses in Western Australia.

We’re transforming the way customers buy and sell energy, based on their individual needs. Our dedicated Energy Advisors are committed to helping you understand your energy use and empowering businesses with greater choice and savings.

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Natras and Eon

Project E-O-N has formed a partnership with National Remote Accommodation Services (“NatRAS”) who are a specialist FM services company. The partnership "Natras Alliance" will offer a suite of remote services including technical support, Industrial Catering, Fleet hire, Security and Camp Services.

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Our mission and vision

While our businesses provide a wide range of services, our businesses share a common ethos – a shared mission to embrace new technologies and partnerships to find more efficient and cost-effective solutions for Australian industry.

However, our commitment to Australia goes much deeper.

As a proudly Aboriginal owned and run group, we’re equally committed to bringing about positive, sustainable social and environmental change. It’s our mission to:

Empower Indigenous Australians by providing the inspiration, support, technologies and opportunities they need to thrive as individuals and communities, but also as a culture, protecting Country and enriching Australian society.

This is more than good corporate citizenship or best practice in corporate social responsibility. It’s our driving motivation and the focus of our group’s vision:

An Australia where proud and confident Indigenous Australians enjoy equal opportunities to realise their potential, while protecting Indigenous culture, communities and the environment for future generations.

Meet Wadjuk Noongar Elder, Mr Neville Collard.

Mr Collard's wisdom is an integral part of Eon's contribution to the Indigenous community.

Aboriginal owned and run

As an Aboriginal-owned group, we have a unique connection with Australian industry, Indigenous communities and Country. Talk to us about your Indigenous engagement and compliance commitments.

Buka, or Boka, is the name for the cloak traditionally worn by Noongar people, the Indigenous people of south-western Australia. It is part of a sacred process connecting people with land and all living fauna.

If you would like more information about Project E-O-N and partnering with us – as a client, community group or joint venture partner – please get in touch. We are always looking to connect with individuals and organisations that share our passion for bringing about positive change, both in business and society.

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